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We don’t have half-seasons anymore!

This popular saying has never been as real and true to its meaning. After two months of torrential rainfalls and winter temperatures, suddenly, summer is here.

During this period, it’s hard to choose what to wear, not to feel cold or suffer from the heat throughout the day. Incidentally, due to the difficulty of finding raw materials, the deliveries of the goods were delayed, which made the selection of the stores inconsistent and incoherent with the weights of the fabrics suitable during this season. Even making our catalog took a long time because we had to wait for the seasonal selection to arrive.

Now that we’ve finally finished this task, we can offer original combinations: the periodical Mix-and-Match, where we combine the garments on our catalog in fresh and alternative ways.

Here we are with Lucia, our model, outside of the static frame of our website, on the streets of Padua, near our store, combining garments and brands to discover new dimensions, chromatic palettes, and adaptability to contexts and formal or informal situations.

Noir Kei Ninomiya realized this skirt with the typical formal exuberance of the Japanese school. Its central theme is not the feminine silhouette but its narrative potential, which reveals multiple interpretations: from the pronounced femininity with the tapered gilet in washed linen and the fitted tube top in elastic silk froissé by Marc Le Bihan

… to a more relaxed everyday expression with the oversized sweater by Album di Famiglia

… or a sophisticated and uncommon ensemble with the sartorial jacket, hand finished, in linen and cotton gauze by Archivio JM Ribot.

With a different gaze, we can match this blueish gilet/shirt in washed linen by Forme d’Expression with this wide trousers in tubular knit made of linen and cotton by Archivio JM Ribot.

Ultimately we close this first June Mix and Match with a made-in-Italy outfit with this paint−like silk jacket printed bt the historic company Fissore, the neutral colors of the sage shirt by Album di Famiglia and the skirt made of a light linen, cashmere, and silk knit by Boboutic.

The bags are made in Italy by Amine and Numero 10, while the shoes are the Marisa’s by Trippen for Ivo Milan.

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Elle Venturini for Ivo Milan, Padova

As many of you know, IVO MILAN of Padua had the honour of hosting the first exhibition by the Friulian designer Lucia Venturini from 5 to 18 June this year.

Elle Venturini for Ivo Milan

It was an exciting experience, not just for the visionary beauty of the models on display, but also thanks to the energetic participation and the rich exchange of opinions in the lively gathering of old and newfound friends, all united by their curiosity for the event and an undeniable and deep-rooted passion for experimental clothing styles.

Here, a little late perhaps, we are pleased to feature a brief presentation of Elle Venturini‘s proposals as a small thank you to those who were kind enough to visit us and give those who could not enjoy it live a glimpse of what they missed.

Elle Venturini for Ivo Milan overview

Elle Venturini for Ivo Milan detail

Elle Venturini for Ivo Milan white detail

Elle Venturini for Ivo Milan creased detail

Elle Venturini for Ivo Milan black jacket

Elle Venturini for Ivo Milan micky mouse skirt

Elle Venturini for Ivo Milan t-shirt stripe

Elle Venturini for Ivo Milan black dress

Elle Venturini for Ivo Milan black dress detail

Elle Venturini for Ivo Milan skirts detail

Elle Venturini for Albero dei Fiori

Elle Venturini for Ivo Milan red skirt detail

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Flowers and Terracotta…

Cultural encounters and events allow us to remember that IVO MILAN is more than just an online catalogue available anywhere in the world and that it is first and foremost an actual store, located in the historical centre of Padua, Italy. The store’s location makes it a highly visible meeting point that lends itself to exchanges between people from diverse backgrounds, united by a strong aesthetic sense and the desire to share their work with the public.

Here are some pictures taken last Friday evening, when a show by the sculptor Elio Armano graced the locations of ALBERO DEI FIORI, MARIJKE STUDIO – Fine jewellery and IVO MILAN.

The three different shops are not simply linked by their locations next to the intersection of Via Boccalerie and Via Santa Lucia, but mainly by their close professional affinity. MARJIKE STUDIO and its showcase display avant-garde contemporary art jewellery,

ALBERO DEI FIORI has endless and suggestive flower arrangements that colour and perfume the narrow porticoes of the street

and the shops nearby.

These three different shops are united by friendship and, on this occasion, by the works of Elio Armano. The recent birthday celebration for Simonetta (Albero dei Fiori) provided an excellent chance to get together and play host to as well as work around a shared idea of ​​beauty… a festive event that we celebrated in the style ​​that we adore and that exemplifies us the most!

Photographs by Sari Milan

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