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We don’t have half-seasons anymore!

This popular saying has never been as real and true to its meaning. After two months of torrential rainfalls and winter temperatures, suddenly, summer is here.

During this period, it’s hard to choose what to wear, not to feel cold or suffer from the heat throughout the day. Incidentally, due to the difficulty of finding raw materials, the deliveries of the goods were delayed, which made the selection of the stores inconsistent and incoherent with the weights of the fabrics suitable during this season. Even making our catalog took a long time because we had to wait for the seasonal selection to arrive.

Now that we’ve finally finished this task, we can offer original combinations: the periodical Mix-and-Match, where we combine the garments on our catalog in fresh and alternative ways.

Here we are with Lucia, our model, outside of the static frame of our website, on the streets of Padua, near our store, combining garments and brands to discover new dimensions, chromatic palettes, and adaptability to contexts and formal or informal situations.

Noir Kei Ninomiya realized this skirt with the typical formal exuberance of the Japanese school. Its central theme is not the feminine silhouette but its narrative potential, which reveals multiple interpretations: from the pronounced femininity with the tapered gilet in washed linen and the fitted tube top in elastic silk froissé by Marc Le Bihan

… to a more relaxed everyday expression with the oversized sweater by Album di Famiglia

… or a sophisticated and uncommon ensemble with the sartorial jacket, hand finished, in linen and cotton gauze by Archivio JM Ribot.

With a different gaze, we can match this blueish gilet/shirt in washed linen by Forme d’Expression with this wide trousers in tubular knit made of linen and cotton by Archivio JM Ribot.

Ultimately we close this first June Mix and Match with a made-in-Italy outfit with this paint−like silk jacket printed bt the historic company Fissore, the neutral colors of the sage shirt by Album di Famiglia and the skirt made of a light linen, cashmere, and silk knit by Boboutic.

The bags are made in Italy by Amine and Numero 10, while the shoes are the Marisa’s by Trippen for Ivo Milan.

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Norwegian Rain overcoat waterproof shop online ivomilan

It’s Norway the homeland of a brand that, even in its name, reveals without surprises its undoubted roots: Norwegian Rain!

An unisex product, which in the apparent classicism of the forms combines basic features for both cold and rainy climates. The canvases, strictly made of recycled Japanese polyester, are simulating the typical texture of traditional materials, such as wool gabardine, and do not reveal highly sophisticated and modern properties, such as the inner diaphragm, which guarantees to each raincoat to be both breathable and waterproof. The sealed seams prevent the water from intruding into the fearsome joints, allowing a peaceful freedom, regardless the worst downpours.

It lies precisely in this discrete translation of the high-tech garment, usually characterized by colored zippers or improbable reflective graphics and relegated to the most technical sportswear sector, in an elegant outwear, the most fascinating aspect of this Norwegian reality.

Is the modernity of a northern European language sensitive to aesthetics, grateful to the Japanese formal knowledge which is easily traced in the ongoing article, the Raincho, a garment halfway between the cape and the development of the kimono. Contribute to the complexity of the calm lines, details such as generous interior pockets, with the purpose of sheltering the vulnerable accessories, from wallets to phones, adjustable caps in amplitude with composed webbing and buttons, small panels that can replace bulky scarves, concealed zip pockets, always useful to not soak the necessary and in case you want to give up the use of the bag.

Norwegian Rain faces the everyday life with real prospects, but also with an original determination to integrate with the most complex and creative proposals of the great contemporary designers!

Norwegian Rain overcoat waterproof shop online ivomilan

Wide Norwegian Rain waterproof coat with the shape of a cape in recycled polyester cloth, lined in viscose and polyester cloth

Hip-lenght A punto B sweater in cashmere cloth

Wide lined Comme des Garçons skirt in polyester matelassè with floral tapestry

Mascha ‘classic Trippen’ ankle boot in cowhide leather

Altalen hat in felt 100% lapin

Norwegian Rain overcoat waterproof shop online ivo milan

Knee-lenght Norwegian Rain waterproof coat in recycled cloth lined in viscose and polyester cloth

Long and wide Boboutic cardigan in polyamide and extra fine merinos wool cloth worked with irregular knots

Classic Comme des Garçons man shirt in cotton poplin

Classic Comme des Garçons – Comme des Garçons man trousers in wool gabardine, cupro lined

Dippy Trippen Shoe in smooth cowhide leather

Norwegian Rain overcoat waterproof shop online ivomilan

Knee-lenght Norwegian Rain waterproof coat in recycled polyester cloth, lined in viscose and polyester cloth

Zucca longuette dress in stretch, nylon and alpaca

Mascha ‘classic Trippen’ ankle boot in cowhide leather


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Looking closely at a garment of the the so-called Japanese school great master Yohji Yamamoto is not only a rare occasion, but the audience reaction is always the same too: silence and an expression that instantly changes the face, as if to say very simply: ‘Here we are behind’. Behind fashion, behind the seasonal trends, behind what one could usually see, behind the widespread boredom of making clothes with approximation.

In increasingly critical times for the clothing field, where more and more less space is left to the know-how, where the production rhythms are more and more compromised by the minimizing of the costs and especially by the increasing of the manufacturing companies profit margins, having the chance to intercept a Yohji Yamamoto’s work is like finding relief in the middle of the most hazardous desert. Because the high quality tailoring, applied to accessible models and with an eloquent design, could excite on the same level of every other noble artistic expression. And Yohji, more than ever, is a skilled weavers of ancient knowledges and contemporary solicitations, gained in metropolitan contexts with an high concentration of relationships, contaminations and syncretism.

For the Spring/Summer 2016 we have a personal interpretation of an Enlightenment atmospheres, in the bustiers composed by articulated asymmetries on the wider volumes of skirt and trousers, emphasized by the sumptuous scenario of the Hotel de Ville in Paris, selected for the runway show.

But the historical citation mixes and confuses itself with more contemporary and urban silhouette, evoked with determination by the lengths and the details of the overcoats, in the calculated disorder of certain dresses and tops



and especially in the explicit collaboration with the very young painter Yuuka Asakura (discover her instagram and twitter profiles) called to paint her abstract works on the already very precious Japanese cottons.



The ubiquitous black colour gets dirty with pictorial signs with a charming chromatic involvement, inviting the audience to observe with calm and attention, to stop by, discovering also the less showy gestures in fibres that reveal themselves in their curate and surprising three-dimensionality.

In opposition to the more pressing and emerging requests of time and space compression, Yohji Yamamoto with the most discreet savoir faire, remembers us that the beauty could be still part of our stories, we just need to never stop seeking it.


The Spring/Summer Yohji Yamamoto collection is on www.ivomilan.com


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Although not having a resounding name as the very famous English brand Burberry, Kate Sheridan and her production of waterproof raincoats are pretty well known in the British country. Used to sudden weather changes, going through long moments of grey and gloomy skies, the young designer is experimenting with a product of a quick and strategic use, ideal in the so-called mid-seasons, when stratify is necessary and have a piece clothing that shelter you from very probable and frequent downpour.

Kate Sheridan Shop Online

With an essential design, the company proposes a piece of clothing of medium or short length, with a large volume, precisely to give the freedom to who is wearing it to add or take off garments without feeling constricted inside it.

Kate Sheridan Shop Online

The pattern is serial: hood, central back dart, high diagonal welt pockets and a double-breasted closure, now identifying the label, with a couple of buttons from side to side that could be simply closed in the middle, giving to the garment the look halfway between the cape and the raincoat. This last attention is also aimed at letting emerge the patterns of the inner linings chosen for the current season. The creative exercise is in fact played around the chromatic choice of the cotton waterproofed with the most ancient and natural technique, the bee wax, and its matching with the inner canvas.

Shop online kate sheridan

As much modular as Kate Sheridan’s job could be,  it won’t promise us the surprises to which more propulsive realities accustomed us, the final result is an outerwear with all the characteristics to become a great classic, but free from every nostalgic and boring bon ton. The sketched lines, open to conforming themselves to the habits of who lives it, with pleats and signs draw in the time and, moreover, the accentuated chromatic sensibility allow the young British designer to dialogue with confidence with the the contemporary fashion vanguards.

Kate Sheridan

Kate Sheridan provides an eclectic collection of accessories and outerwear.

Kate Sheridan: an eclectic array of accessories.


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Paris, Saturday 5th March 2016, Rue Royal, boutique Issey Miyake.

Reportage Issey Miyake

We couldn’t miss the presentation night of the new book dedicated to the work of Issey Miyake.

Reportage Parigi Issey Miyake

An occasion to visit the beautiful Paris boutique, say hi to the many colleagues present there and of course browsing through the suggestive pictures of the book for the very first time.

Reportage da Parigi Issey Miyake

Vibrant and overwhelming the emotion in assisting a very important acknowledgement for the creative developments of one of the most important contemporary designer and an unmissable chance to bring our most sincere, unrelenting congratulations to the Maison current artistic director, the young Yoshiyuki Miyamae.

Ivo Milan - Issey MiyakeIVO MILAN with Yoshiyuki Miyamae and TESSABIT di Como.

Issey Miyake Shop OnlineShop Online Issey MiyakeIssey Miyake Online

Issey Miyake Shop Online Ivo Milan

Shop Online

More info on Issey Miyake.

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