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We don’t have half-seasons anymore!

This popular saying has never been as real and true to its meaning. After two months of torrential rainfalls and winter temperatures, suddenly, summer is here.

During this period, it’s hard to choose what to wear, not to feel cold or suffer from the heat throughout the day. Incidentally, due to the difficulty of finding raw materials, the deliveries of the goods were delayed, which made the selection of the stores inconsistent and incoherent with the weights of the fabrics suitable during this season. Even making our catalog took a long time because we had to wait for the seasonal selection to arrive.

Now that we’ve finally finished this task, we can offer original combinations: the periodical Mix-and-Match, where we combine the garments on our catalog in fresh and alternative ways.

Here we are with Lucia, our model, outside of the static frame of our website, on the streets of Padua, near our store, combining garments and brands to discover new dimensions, chromatic palettes, and adaptability to contexts and formal or informal situations.

Noir Kei Ninomiya realized this skirt with the typical formal exuberance of the Japanese school. Its central theme is not the feminine silhouette but its narrative potential, which reveals multiple interpretations: from the pronounced femininity with the tapered gilet in washed linen and the fitted tube top in elastic silk froissé by Marc Le Bihan

… to a more relaxed everyday expression with the oversized sweater by Album di Famiglia

… or a sophisticated and uncommon ensemble with the sartorial jacket, hand finished, in linen and cotton gauze by Archivio JM Ribot.

With a different gaze, we can match this blueish gilet/shirt in washed linen by Forme d’Expression with this wide trousers in tubular knit made of linen and cotton by Archivio JM Ribot.

Ultimately we close this first June Mix and Match with a made-in-Italy outfit with this paint−like silk jacket printed bt the historic company Fissore, the neutral colors of the sage shirt by Album di Famiglia and the skirt made of a light linen, cashmere, and silk knit by Boboutic.

The bags are made in Italy by Amine and Numero 10, while the shoes are the Marisa’s by Trippen for Ivo Milan.

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If only the Christmas holidays would be an occasion to offer not so obvious gifts, with redounded shapes and brands, but rather unique ones, for their material, for their creative ingenuity or thought intensity, a reason to take a look over our online catalogue or visit our store in via Santa Lucia in Padua, one could find…

Starting with Suzusan‘s cashmere, a young Japanese who already is the creator of splendid knitted accessories for Yohji Yamamoto, with his scarves, polka dot blankets and the knitwear, all colored with the ancient shibori technique, he surprises us with the usage of unusual colors on an usually so classic fibber.

suzusan-knitwear-fw-2018suzusan-blanquet-fw-2018We can continue with the bags in light and smooth colored and treated leather, from time to time, with paper, metal or rubber effect of the Dutch Frrry

frrry-bag-fw-2018frrry-bag-fw.2018-1Or with the Italian knitwear of F-cashmere, the historical producer of excellence cashmere, reversible and with suggestive nuances, or Very Busy, also reversible and with unusual colours in the background.

F-Cashmere-fw-2018very-busy-scarves-fw-2018Or with the hard to find fragrance of Comme des Garçons perfumes, reserved for the few boutiques that have the prestigious Japanese brand.


The comfortable hats of the Japanese Chisaki, made in One Size only and with warm fabrics, never irritating, with shapes that can easily be modelled.

chisaki-fw-2018-hatsDepending on its receiver, the thought and the research can be lost among coats, padded coats, jackets or shirts of famous brands such as Issey MiyakeComme des Garçons or the very warm and poetic oversized sweaters of Junya Watanabe; to venture into the fabrics worked by the wisdom of Daniela Gregis, be amazed by the textile decorations of Renli Su, find yourself in the more discreet world of Casey Casey or in the somewhat androgynous modernity of Forme d’Expression… without boring you, the only thing to be done is to dive and look among the many photos and the wide range.

Comme-des-Garçons-Nike-shoesjunya-watanabe-fw-2018Everything, as you know by now, will be wrapped by the personal and irreproducible packages made ad hoc by the extraordinary hands of Heart Box and her students…ivo-milan-heart-boxivo-milan-heart-box-2ivo-milan-heart-box-3ivo-milan-heart-box-4ivo-milan-heart-box-5We leave you by involving you in a very short video, where Christmas becomes abstract and moment of free creativity in our boutique in via Santa LuciaPadua.



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Tracking shots, views and zooms … suggestions for Christmas gifts, but also for reviewing the matches of the season in his approach to the winter solstice!

Wide sweater Daniela Gregis in stockinette stitch cashmere

Calf-length A punto B skirt in bicolor soft wool and linen cloth

Large Daniela Gregis cashmere gauze scarf with vertical colour contrast blocks

‘Classic Trippen’ MASCHA ankle boot in soft cowhide leather

Long Plantation – Tokyo overcoat cupro lined wool chevron

Hip-length Yohji Yamamoto sweater in yak cloth

Long and asymmetrical Y’S Yohji Yamamoto cotton skirt in floral tapestry knit

Hat Altalen felt 100% wool

LILA ankle boot Trippen in smooth cowhide leather

Knee-length Forme D’Expression coat in cotton, wool, nylon and polyamide crêpe with raw cut fringed extremities

Calf-length Aodress – Japan dress in wool gauze with sewed squares of different shades of color and dimensions

Hat Altalen felt 100% wool

Large knitted Daniela Gregis wool scarf, brushed wool on one side and plain knit on the other

‘Classic Trippen’ MASCHA ankle boot in soft cowhide leather

Knee-length padded Daniela Gregis coat in wool crêpe with the inner side in cashmere muslin

Dungarees Comme des Garçons dress in polyester, rayon, acrylic and nylon cloth worked with floral tapestry

Short A punto B sweater in cashmere cloth

SLOW Trippen ankle boot in smooth matt cowhide leather


…and whether it’s a gift or a personal concession to finally see yourselves different, your choices will still be wrapped in the handcrafted treasure chests of HeartBox.


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Daniela Gregis SS16

Abirinzà, a sound more than a word, coming from the recurrent Earth cadences from which Daniela Gregis draw the inspiration for this spring/summer 2016, brings us important clues about the construction of a collection particularly full of ornamental patterns. The designer with this sound expression, probably invented, evokes the Sardinia, with its rooted and complex textile traditions, the extensive and expertise use of the loom, but also with its rich heritage of memories and nostalgia.

Daniela Gregis SS 2016

Daniela Gregis SS 2016

Abirinzà broods over the memories of hard work laying them down as poetic logos in unexpected positions, becoming systematic patchwork gussets, where two different possibilities combine themselves together: fragments saved from the past and reassembled in canvas next to a painting or more slow and difficult weaving, nets and gauzes, loom and crochet, embracing each other in perfect harmony.

Daniela Gregis SS 16

Daniela Gregis SS 16

The designer from Bergamo certifies in this way each piece, claiming an authenticity in the acrobatic vicissitudes of the paintbrush, that stains and gives new life to the linen nets, joint with their negatives in cotton poplin, because the process should be watched in its integrity, combining itself with the first work. The silks, in the slippery brightness of the crêpe de chine, become bright palettes of strained colour, in the more contrasting red-blue shades, but also in the less radical blue-pastel light blue and white. Or the vichy, quoted also in other seasons, widen themselves becoming definite squares with more and more large spaces, always treated with the washing to contain the cotton strict rigidity.

Daniela Gregis SS 2016

Daniela Gregis SS 16

Daniela Gregis SS 2016

Abirinzà are the open doors of the memory silos, abirinzà are the surprises regenerate in the changes of thinking, abirinzà is the just started spring, abirinzà are the fresh starts and the promises of staying well.

Dabiela Gregis SS16

Daniela Gregis SS 2016

Daniela Gregis SS 2016

Daniela Gregis SS 2016

Daniela Gregis SS16

Discover the full ‘Abirinzà’ collection on our online catalogue



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book issey miyake taschen

In the middle of the Paris Fashion Week for the next Autumn/Winter, it should be reported an other very important acknowledgement to the designer who most was able to connect clothing to concepts as innovation, experimentation and research. On Saturday 5th March, at Issey Miyake boutique of Rue Royale in Paris, it will be launched an unpublished monograph dedicated by the Taschen publishing house to the Japanese master and to his prolific and hyper-technologic  Design Miyake Studio, established in the 1970.

A book that, not by chance, is launched almost simultaneously with the exhibition that will be opened on the 16th of March at the National Art Center of Tokyo, completely installed to celebrate the professional history and the cultural contributions introduced by the researches carried out during these years by the researchers team involved in Issey Miyake’s ambitious creative project.

Issey Miyake Taschen Book

book issey miyake taschen

book issue miyake taschen

book issue miyake taschen

book issue miyake taschen

book issue miyake taschenA long, extensive tale of the different steps that have characterised of the well-known polyester pleating, today present in the most prestigious shops in the world with the bran new version called “Baked Stretch”.

baked stretch advertisment

The chromatic and formal possibilities opened by this innovative material manufacturing, so called ‘baked’ as the pleats take their aspects after a heath exposition process very similar to the one of the bread rising, reveal the maturity and the extreme autonomy gained by the excellent collaborators chosen by Issey Miyake, among them it’s not possible to not mention the Maison creative director, the young Yoshiyuki Miyamae.

Baked stretch vimeo

Click here to watch the video.

For those who would not have the chance to participate to the Paris event, nor to go directly to Tokyo, they can anyway lost themselves in the different pages describing the vast and futuristic repertoire of the Japanese designer. In fact the book is already available on the Taschen website and in the next months it would be distributed by the libraries and by the authorized boutiques.

Issey Miyake dress 1.325 shrag SS16

Issey Miyake Top Skirt SS16

Issey Miyake Reversible Top Skirt SS16Reversible top and skirt .

Issey Miyake Top Trousers SS16

Issey Miyake Dress SS16

Issey Miyake Reversible Dress SS16

Reversible dress.



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