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Ivo Milan is a womenswear store located in Padua city centre. Not only. Ivo Milan is much more than this. The business dates back to the far 1896, starting as a fabric trade to become nowadays a refined womenswear boutique.

The shop takes two floors of a prestigious Romanesque house preceding the 1000 AD, for a surface area of 250 square metres.

The window dressing and the furniture mirrors the style and the philosophy distinguishing Ivo Milan: an unceasing quest where nothing should be serial, everything must be different from what we usually see. These values push Ivo Milan to seek and propose only what is truly special, authentically creative and perhaps endowed with a strong artistic value.

Today, Ivo Milan develops itself and bring its particular clothing selection also online. A new way to conceive online shopping: an exquisite and essential e-shop which shows itself as the only designer, refined and original clothing outlet.



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