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Nico Uytterhaegen

More of the creative tumult that inspires the world of Flemish designer, Nico Uytterhaegen! From perfumes to jewellery, the artist is versatile and inimitable when it comes to producing leather accessories.

The craftsmanship and modernity of his products are immediately apparent. High-quality, hand-crafted Italian leather is moulded into a complex and abstract system of lines, seams, zips, folds and gathers to create bags in new shapes, which are as aesthetically appealing as they are useful.

As a serious designer, Uytterhaegen gives utmost importance to the functionality of his products and makes this the starting point of the creative process. Handles are designed not to be grabbed but to be completely slipped over the hand; bags may be carried on the arm or slung around the neck according to need.

Models that appear undersized when flat, unexpectedly expand into soft, comfortable three dimensional bags when filled to the surprise of onlookers.

Bags, cylinders and circles, experiments for daily life, compatible with forward-looking fashions, geared towards recognizing and emphasizing aesthetic values, even in the most practical aspects of our hurried existence.

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