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Detail sweater Oyuna

The strength of globalization is at work here!

From clothing to home accessories, the British designer brand Oyuna, has had the genial idea of combining the finest cashmere from its native country of Mongolia, with its most established manufacturing tradition from Scotland.

If Mongolia is among the top producers in the world and without equal for quality, the chemical properties of the water in British streams have enhanced the luxurious softness of this noblest of yarns for centuries.

The rareness of the material limits distribution of the product to a small circle of select boutiques around the world and makes it difficult to find and, paradoxically, to learn of its reputation. A strange by-product of marketing products of superior quality nowadays is that they are often not granted the attention that they deserve. And so it is that this obscure label’s elegant sweaters remain, for the most part, unknown.

knit cashmere reversible jacket

Despite all of this, it would be quite wrong to expect to find the reassuringly traditional styles that are so usual in cashmere sweaters. Oyuna knitwear blends the basic simplicity of its lines with additional key themes,

using overlapping

and double weaves

and asymmetric panels, revealing a design sensitivity that is decidedly modern and open to the influences of the most daring fashion designers in the industry.

Gauze, flannel, and jerseys, are perhaps the most remarkable transformations of this noble raw material, which are decisive in determining its final shape.

Silhouettes and cuts make each piece completely functional and part of the sophisticated collections, which are at times complex though certainly never obvious, that make up the all-new Ivo Milan store collection.

This is a collection to be touched and admired but especially, one that should needs to be worn to appreciate its proportions and unpredictable characteristics.

cashmere knit long top

knit cashmere relaxed fit cardigan

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