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Yohji Yamamoto Fall/Winter 2017-’18


Quai d’Austerlitz, at the Cité de la Mode et du Design, is the meeting of the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 presentation of the great master Yohji Yamamoto. A place unequivocally linked to the belonging sector and, maybe, an invite to dive with more care into the concepts of ‘fashion and design’. While the world is crazily running towards an irreversible loop of textile overproduction and creative inflation, the Japanese designer welcomes his public in an abstract and deserted temple, dilated by the quiet incipit of the show, articulated in the first moments only by the constant shots of the photographers.


Space and time seem to loosen, returning to the manifestations of the human dimension, the expressive and artistic possibilities that have always distinguished the degree of civilization. Yohji is rooted in the contemporaneity, giving its grace back, is metropolitan and poetic, is a designer and a narrator of emotions embodied in dress. The rhythm and the gait are slow, the soundtrack is calm, reassuring and this mood favors a concentrated abandonment to the elaborated and evolved representation of his vision of femininity. Collected in asymmetrical folds, emphasized in the measurements and proportions of slim fit jackets along the sides and cleverly draped in a way that possible imperfections can be disguised. Fabric layers that extend in clever diagonal levels, textile accordions that take the place of the obvious and rigorous lapels. Each item denies the contemporary cultural trends, opposes ingenuity, portability, and decorative solutions of bold tailoring and compositional abilities.





Tailor/poet of the black, Yohji does not surprise us by preferring once again the non-color, only the high formal complexity, the radiant gesture of pictorial brushes in accomplice balance with folds and cuts, to reveal a clear passion for the female universe, ideal palette of his most poetic achievements.

Following some of the moments from the show-room while making our choices

video-show-room-yohji-yamamoto-blogFind online the new Fall/Winter Collection of Yohji Yamamoto

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