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“No Clothes” – Comme des Garçons Spring/Summer 2014

The dresses of Comme des Garçons are asymmetric, essential, pure expression of a deconstructionism deeply rooted in the brand identity. In these dresses it is possible to perceive a sort of charm for the incomplete, the unfinished hems, the raw cuts, as Rei Kawakubo asserts, brand founder and designer, are a way to project the dress onto the future, to leave open the chance that something else could be generated.

Comme des Garçons, SS2014, TopComme des Garçons, SS2014, TopComme des Garçons, SS 2014, Jacket

This self-taught well-read designer challenges herself collection after collection to create something new, radical, absolutely fresh. In this way her “fashion” becomes a tool for the mind liberation, an unceasing questioning and pushing behind the faint boundary between art and fashion, an incessant game of tensions and research, of vibrations, references and provocations.

Comme des Garçons, SS2014, ShowroomComme des Garçons, SS 2014, Cage DressComme des Garçons, SS2014, Shoe CoversComme des Garçons, SS 2014, Shoes

For the Spring-Summer 2014 Rei Kawakubo declares that the only way to make something different is to start with the intention to not design clothes. Actually on the catwalk moving sculptures, that not even meet anymore the logics of functionality, wearability and aesthetic harmony, succeed one another. The black colour leit-motif interrupted by shocking pink splashes, together with the brief musical themes, creates an uninterrupted tension bringing the spectator to ask himself: -what she could do more than this?-.

Comme des Garçons, SS 2014, DressComme des Garçons, SS 2014, JacketComme des Garçons, SS 2014, Dress

As a dodecaphonic musical language or a jazz piece with a sonority unpleasant at the first listening, these shapes are an invitation to the silence, an invitation to go past the well-known in order to open the mind and the spirit to new horizons and new perspectives. In other word, to grow up.

Comme des Garçons, SS2014, DressComme des Garçons, SS2014, DressComme des Garçons, SS 2014, Dress

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