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Sun, rain, hot, cold…It’s really difficult to decide what to wear when the weather is unsettled, maybe we are even far from home and it’s not possible to sheltered from sudden meteorological changes.

It’s hard especially if you don’t know the Final Home line. Offshoot of  the designer Kosuke Tsumura’s longstanding artistic endeavours, Final Home gives hint with its name of the idea at the basis of the project: it proposes to provide ultra practical piece of clothing that could become your shelter in case of natural disasters.  The functionality is so much identifying that it has been described as an extraordinary futuristic expression of style and function. Each Final Home jacket, overcoat, waistcoat is overall waterproof and very light to be brought along, but the intelligence is shown in the multi-zips which not only connote clearly the brand design but they have a specific function: to be filled up. In fact inside them it’s possible to put in padded ‘cushions’ that transform drastically the piece of clothing seasonal nature: from a mid-season raincoat to a winter padded jacket, or crumpled up newspaper pages to increase the windproof function. Actually inside the pockets made by the zips it’s possible to put in every kind of objects absolutely necessary to us or, when the article is made in see-through polyester, to use the “filling” as a decorative chance.

Awarded with countless recognitions, featured in different contemporary art exhibitions (among the last ones Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion in Tokyo), Kosuke Tsumura forms itself in the Miyake Design Studios and for several years had a hand in the Issey Miyake’s collections.

Future Beauty, Final Home

The school of the great Japanese master is wisely personalized in a timeless project, technologic and futuristic, practical and also poetic in its essential cheerfulness.

Final Home 2014

Final Home long padded unisex coat in see-through nylon canvas doubled with camouflage canvas in polyester and down, zip for ‘cushions’, coulisse at the waist, hood, double closure with zit and inner pressure buttons, inner wrist cuffs with elastic.

Final Home unisex blouson in cotton jersey on the outside and colour contrast metallic zip, hood, reflective polyester lining, two way zip closure, high band wrist cuffs, 2 vertical side pockets, padding can inserted in the zip.

Final Home long unisex coat in see-through and stiff polyester canvas, with zip for padded ‘cushions’ con zip or to be filled with objects and coloured paper, hood, coulisse at the waist, two way zip closure and inner pressure buttons.

Final Home unisex pea coat in see-through and stiff polyester canvas, with zip for padded ‘cushions’ con zip or to be filled with objects and coloured paper, hood, coulisse at the bottom, two way zip closure and inner pressure buttons.

Final Home unisex blouson-like waistcoat in polyester canvas, zip for the padded “cushions” only on the front, with hood, double closure: two way zip at the bottom and pressure buttons at the top, two vertical side pockets, bottom with band.

Final Home long unisex coat in see-through and stiff polyester canvas, with zip for padded ‘cushions’ con zip or to be filled with objects and coloured paper, hood, coulisse at the waist, two way zip closure and inner pressure buttons.

Final home oange cassic

Final Home long unisex coat in see-through and stiff polyester canvas, with zip for padded ‘cushions’ con zip or to be filled with objects and coloured paper, hood, coulisse at the waist, two way zip closure and inner pressure buttons.




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Summer time, holiday time, time for yourself. Departures time and packing time. For this new tour through our summer suggestions we took inspiration from that pre-departure trepidation, recurrent on this season, typical of those days preceding the long-awaited holiday. We imagined our clothes going on vacation, putting them into different hypothetical luggage. It doesn’t matter which will be your destination. A relaxed evening at the sunset on the seashore or a more reckless backpacking day in the mountains, a walk through the ancient splendour of a city of art or a crowded afternoon in the streets of a modern metropolis, we tried to adapt our choices to different holiday scenarios in order to make the clothes good traveling companions in every journey you will decide to embark on. As well a chance to mix up for you the items on sale, putting them under a new light and revealing the possible and various combinations. Enjoy it and above all enjoy your holidays!

Ys, Yohji, Yamamoto, Trippen, LGR, SS2014

Y’s Yohji Yamamoto calf length fitted at the waist dress in tencel jersey with “Mark Rothko” colours print, slip like shoulder straps, neck opening with net insert, central zip on the back, a small side pocket on the waist.

Yohji Yamamoto shoulder bag in smooth cow leather with wool gabardine sides, drawstring expanded, one small pocket at front and one at back, exposed zip closure, detachable buckle adjustable thin strap, cotton canvas lining, inside pocket.

Trippen simple flat sandal with one upper strap across the feet and a narrow one at the ankle with velcro fastening.

LGR woman’s sun-glasses with shaded grey photochromatic lenses; frame in flexible acetate by Mazzucchelli and lenses by Barberini.

Vivienne, Westwood, Trippen, Scha, SS 2014

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label dress/skirt in viscose with a big orchid print on a black background, elastic at the belt, two side welt pockets, wide and straight line, wearable as a long skirt or a calf length dress.

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label short cardigan in knitted cotton and silk, boat neck, sewn as two drawn near knitted fabrics with profiles in relief, open holes on the shoulders and on the sides, a small pocket diagonally sewn on the front, small band hem, tight fit.

Trippen high clog with cowhide leather bands and wood sole.covered with non-slip rubber, leather band with velcro closure, heel height 7,5 cm.

Blue Yesey hat, 100% straw.

Zucca, Cauliflower, Issey Miyake, Yesey, Rosa Mosa, SS 2014

Cauliflower Issey Miyake creased t-shirt in polyester jersey, wide round neck, short sleeves.

Zucca wide and long cardigan with cotton Norwegian jacquard, three quarter sleeve, V neck, sewn beads with Aztecan pattern on the shoulders, two side small pockets at the hem.

Zucca straight fit trousers in washed cotton poplin., two diagonal pockets on the front and a small pocket with button on the back, stitching in the inner thigh with a “jodhpurs” effect, sewn turn-up at the hem, belt loops.

Rosa Mosa cotton canvas pois print and leather sneakers with rubber sole.

Yesey hat, 100% paper.

Comme des garcons, Yohji Yamamoto, Forme D'Expression, Scha, Tracey Neuls, SS 2014

Comme des Garçons ”sculpture” shirt with overlapping shapes in popeline cotton, medium length, short sleeves with geometric design, wide crew-neck.

Forme d’Expression curve shaped skinny pants in black washed wool serge, leg with front curve cut, concealed button fastening, sides slit pocket, centre leg cut and welt pockets at rear, slightly shorter and pointed hem at the back.

Yohji Yamamoto doctor style tote in black garment texture soft leather, hinged top, double handles, can be wear on shoulder, cotton canvas lining, , one zipped, one cell phone holder and one slit inside pockets.

Tracey Neuls stringless shoes in soft cowhide leather, mocassin like upper with small holes on the tongue and with inner elastic band, leather sole.

Scha limited edition hat in vintage quality, very fine weave sisal double layers, soft and ultralight, small brim, pliable wire in the edge.

Oyuna, Bouboutic, Issey Miyake, Trippen, SS 2014

Boboutic wide t-shirt in stockinette stitch makò cotton and silk, falling raw cut short sleeves, wide and reinforced crew-neck, sewn with slight horizontal difference in colour from one shoulder to the other along the back, hem band, shorter at the front.

Oyuna sahrouel knitted jersey/crêpe de Chine cotton trousers, side small pocket on the hip, asymmetric line, elastic at the waist, wearable also as a below the knee skirt lifting up the bottom.

PLEATS PLEASE Issey Miyake half moon bag in slanting polyester pleating and leather trimmings, an inside small pocket with zip, inside lined with nylon, zip closure, strengthened bottom on the sides, removable handles with hook, cross body, shoulder or hand bag.

Trippen flip-flop sandal with classic “Trippen” wide sole and metallic cowhide leather bands outlining a open V on the instep, band with Velcro fastening around the ankle, rubber arch support.


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The dresses of Comme des Garçons are asymmetric, essential, pure expression of a deconstructionism deeply rooted in the brand identity. In these dresses it is possible to perceive a sort of charm for the incomplete, the unfinished hems, the raw cuts, as Rei Kawakubo asserts, brand founder and designer, are a way to project the dress onto the future, to leave open the chance that something else could be generated.

Comme des Garçons, SS2014, TopComme des Garçons, SS2014, TopComme des Garçons, SS 2014, Jacket

This self-taught well-read designer challenges herself collection after collection to create something new, radical, absolutely fresh. In this way her “fashion” becomes a tool for the mind liberation, an unceasing questioning and pushing behind the faint boundary between art and fashion, an incessant game of tensions and research, of vibrations, references and provocations.

Comme des Garçons, SS2014, ShowroomComme des Garçons, SS 2014, Cage DressComme des Garçons, SS2014, Shoe CoversComme des Garçons, SS 2014, Shoes

For the Spring-Summer 2014 Rei Kawakubo declares that the only way to make something different is to start with the intention to not design clothes. Actually on the catwalk moving sculptures, that not even meet anymore the logics of functionality, wearability and aesthetic harmony, succeed one another. The black colour leit-motif interrupted by shocking pink splashes, together with the brief musical themes, creates an uninterrupted tension bringing the spectator to ask himself: -what she could do more than this?-.

Comme des Garçons, SS 2014, DressComme des Garçons, SS 2014, JacketComme des Garçons, SS 2014, Dress

As a dodecaphonic musical language or a jazz piece with a sonority unpleasant at the first listening, these shapes are an invitation to the silence, an invitation to go past the well-known in order to open the mind and the spirit to new horizons and new perspectives. In other word, to grow up.

Comme des Garçons, SS2014, DressComme des Garçons, SS2014, DressComme des Garçons, SS 2014, Dress

Discover the Spring/Summer 2014 collection on IVO MILAN!

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Paamboli, the name of a very simple Spanish dish consisting of bread and tomato, becomes the title of a summer collection which the Italian Elle editor-in-chief pointed out at the beginning of the season as a 2014 summer passe-partout. Who are we talking about? Daniela Gregis, of course!

Daniela Gregis, Spring/Summer 2014, White, DressDaniela Gregis, Spring/Summer 2014, White, Jacket, Trousers

The basic ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine become to the Italian designer the best synthesis of a project which choose the brightness of the red colour as a telling of the most light natural textile versions. The linen, the cotton and the silk lead the shade through different levels of movement and expression. The chromatic note assumes on the silk the airy wideness of the twilight sea breeze, while on the linen, always washed and creased, the harshness of the summer heat has been mitigated by the coolest of the fibres and drawn with the naïve signs of a bad managed paint brush on the weft of the basketweave fabric. Again, the red insists on the cotton seersucker in tiny textures, sometimes interrupted by zebra stripes which accompany its dominance or, more discretely, brighten up the joyful floral bouquet of the Londoner liberty.

Daniela Gregis, Spring/Summer 2014, Red, Dress, LinenDaniela Gregis, Spring/Summer 2014, Red, Dress, Silk

But the Gregis relaxed language can’t take itself to the extreme only on the crimson, to the initial Paamboli she commits only the concision appropriate to un unforgettable evocation: the summer!

With no hesitation it is colour, joy and fantasy…it is holiday, blue, dazzled whiteecrù or printed as a souvenir on carefree pink jackets.

Daniela, gregis, Spring/Summer 2014, Blue, Dress, TrippenDaniela Gregis, Spring/Summer 2014, Blue, Dress, Trippen

Daniela Gregis dress with top bodice in plain coloured cotton, skirt in cotton patchwork and garment washed linen, different dark tones, full shoulder with 3/4 sleeves and internal split, 2 pockets, eyelets at the sides for drapery hem, doubled over and reversible.

Flip-flop Trippen sandal with classic large sole, cowhide metallic leather strings drawing an open V on the instep, band around the ankle with velcro closure, rubber contour sole.

Stainless steel La Molla necklace.

Daniela Gregis, Spring/Summer 2014, Dress, Pink, Jacket, TrippenDaniela Gregis, Spring/Summer 2014, Dress, Pink, Jacket

Daniela Gregis longuette dress in linen and cotton, cotton singlet bodice with boat neckline, wide pleated skirt in linen, side pockets, raw cut two-colour seams.

Daniela Gregis slightly tapered jacket in cotton liberty with “travel” print, garment washed, single breasted, collar with small lapel, closure with one fabric cufflink button, 2 pockets sewn onto hemline, one central split on the back.

Trippen sandal with large sole, cowhide leather side edge and cotton string crossing all the instep, string closure around the ankle, rubber contour sole.

Daniela Gregis, Spring/Summer 2014, Trousers, Top, Jacket, Bag, TrippenDaniela Gregis, Spring/Summer 2014, Top, Bag, Jacket, Trousers, Trippen

Daniela Gregis linen singlet top with thin straps, flat and fitted at the top, 2 closed splits folding outwards on the sides, in linen.

Daniela Gregis wide leg psychedelic polygon painted cotton seersucker trousers, turn-up in the end, side pockets, coulisse closure with string-

Daniela Gregis short jacket in washed and chequered cotton, one breast with small lapel, closure with large safety pin, sleeves above wrist with internal split, straight cut, one pocket sewn onto breast and two side pockets along the hemline.

Daniela Gregis medium multicoloured bag in hand-worked cotton and hemp, flattened at the bottom basket shape, double scoubidou handle rum from side to side, it can be worn as a shoulder bag, rounded bottom, h 18 cm, w 17 cm, bottom diameter 36 cm.

Trippen sandal with large sole, cowhide leather side edge and cotton string crossing all the instep, string closure around the ankle, rubber contour sole.

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Marisa e Adriana, IVO MILAN

Have you ever thought about communicating through what you wear?

Silvia, a very fond client of IVO MILAN, talk about this in a text she sent us after choosing with great determination the dress that should represent her during the thesis defence.

Don’t be scared of the amount of words… If you are interested take your time to read it!

What is a dress?


It is something that we choose to place between us and the world every morning.


The dress is a boundary, in other words a line which separate two territories and put them together at the same time: it is the point where two regions meet, a place where contacts happen, where you learn new information, new concepts and new visions, a means of encounter between us and the world which is made of other people.


So the dress is not just a passing fancy but it is a powerful means of communication that we use daily and without a break, at the same level of the voice, the glances and the body movements. A means that represent us and on which tissue communicative meeting and clash take place going beyond the surface, building stories and dialogues on different visions of the world.

The dress becomes a means to tell, to receive, to declare, to listen.

In brief it is an extraordinary means of connection.

Vivienne Westwood outfit 2014

And for all these reasons a dress became part of my degree thesis: it was an irreplaceable fellow able to help me in telling my efforts, my joy and the discoveries of my studying.


My degree dress had the task of represent myself in the staging of the last act of my growing path (as a student but also as a person), and I entrusted it of the representation of my position towards what I asserted in the graduation thesis, dedicated to the internal companies communication, intended as a communicative exchange inside the company borders, translated then into communication towards the world through the production of documents, such as balances, messengers of a global organization identity. Exactly in the same way my dress became a witness of my humanity, of my ironic gaze towards the world and also of some specific meanings of my paper about the mutual relation and listening.

Considering how it came so naturally to me looking for a dress that I could feel truly mine (or rather that was able to tell me what I wanted to say to the others), I thought that the dress was a toy to me, an encounter invitation.

Issey Miyake Spring/Summer 2014

I regard the dress as a boundary where I invite the others to play, where any invention or good idea become a challenge and an invitation to connect, an open dialogue, a mutual discovery desire, even through a “fabric statement” that could seem weird or provocative towards the “common feeling”.

While I was realizing this I thought that some people could be not interested in playing and they could choose the “silence of the dress”, hiding themselves from the others, eluding the connection and wearing an accepted idea. Maybe these people try to be reassured because a “silent” (or mute) dress doesn’t open any dialogue, it limit itself to assert concepts and existences that carry out themselves following codified and generally accepted rules and so, by definition, not under discussion. That “sewn silence” turn the dress boundary into a frontier, or rather into a place with specific limits which represent a closure towards what is beyond it.

Comme des Garçons shoes Spring-Summer 2014

Pleats Please Spring/Summer 2014

I thought that maybe the comparison fear could bring to the silent dress.

Yohji Yamamoto Spring-Summer 2014

On the contrary, the day of the thesis defence I wanted a dress that would contribute to it, representing the meanings of the relation, intended in its extended sense, becoming the symbol itself of some of the most diverting concepts of my paper.

Issey Miyake outfit Spring/Summer 2014
This dress take me to the conquering of my degree that I was yearning for since a long time and I’m grateful to it because it testified me better than I could ever be able to do with my own words.


Silvia Parolin, ladysyla@gmail.com






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